Director of Children's Ministries

Allison has been with St. James since 2013. She is a mother to three girls and lives in Havertown. She loves being a part of the amazing St. James community, watching the children and youth grow and learn, and giving her own girls a church home to grow up in. Besides working at St. James, she also teaches kids classes one day a week at the local YMCA. 



Pastor Dionne recently completed her course work in the Doctor of Divinity program at Central Baptist Theological Seminary located in Shawnee Mission, KS. “Pastor D,” as she is affectionately called, was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. Along with working in the mental health field for over 30 years, Pastor D has also been working in ministry since 2007, when she began her ministry journey as a student Chaplain at a local hospital. Pastor D has worked as a hospice, hospital college campus and assisted living Chaplain.


Nursery Care Teacher

Andrea has been working with the children in the Nursery at St. James since 2017.  She loves the small community that feels like family when working there, and St. James has become not only a place of work, but a place to also nourish and grow her four boys.  Being able to teach all the children about God in such a loving and inclusive community is what she loves best about St. James.  In her free time, she enjoys playing games with her family, traveling, and creating personalized gifts for people.


Director of Music

John Callahan studied at Florida State University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in piano performance. Before starting at St. James in 2018, he served as pianist at Trinity United Methodist Church in Seattle, WA for four years. In Seattle he also worked as a music director and pianist of musical theatre, and was involved with many regional productions such as Man of La Mancha and The Sound of Music.

As a composer, he has written a variety of instrumental and vocal music that has been performed in over 30 U.S. cities. Notable compositions include Pulsar, which was premiered by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. He was also commissioned to compose an anthem to celebrate the 75th anniversary of St. James in November 2019.

John lives in Havertown with his wife and two children and is a full-time Software Developer during the week.

Church Leaders

Decisions about the work and direction of St. James are made by the Consistory.  These decisions are determined after times of prayer, reading and reflecting on God’s Word, and discussion.  

Officers of the Consistory
Elders and Deacons 
President: Kathy Pioggia
Matthew Abbadusky
Vice-President: Jenn Hayden
Cheryl Haley
Secretary: Amy Wenzel

Ed Hart

Pearl Heil-Dolmatz 

Maureen McGurk

Roxanne Ryan






Ailene has been secretary and bookkeeper for St. James for over 25 years. Ailene enjoys local and international biking with her husband, Bruce. She also enjoys playing card and board games, and time spent with family and friends. ​​​

In 2017, after being asked to preach for the first Black PRIDE worship service in Kansas City, Pastor D planted the first ministry of its kind located in Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. She named this ministry/church WHOSOEVER: Community Of F.A.I.T.H*. At this time FAITH was and acronym for “Finding Answers In The Hurt.” God called Pastor D to plant this ministry for those who have been hurt, shamed, shunned or morally injured by the church simply because of who they are, whom they love and/or what they believe. At the time WHOSOEVER was planted, there were no ministries or churches of its kind located in the Greater Kansas City Metro areas that were led by a person of color who identifies with the LGBTQIA Community. Therefore, Pastor D and WHOSOEVER were pioneers in the quest to offer a safe, loving and affirming space and place for true and authentic worship that welcomes ALL people. Thankfully, because of the path and foundation WHOSOEVER has laid in the Greater Kansas City area, there are now a few churches/ministries led by same gender loving pastors of color. These ministries are platform ministries birthed from the fundamentals and teachings of WHOSOEVER.

In 2019, Pastor D felt that since the ministry of WHOSOEVER was now reaching close to 1000 virtual members, that the call to focus on helping to HEAL the church and its members was now at hand. Therefore, Pastor D changed the FAITH acronym to “Finding Answer In The HEALING.” This name reflects the journey towards healing the church hurt and moral injury that many of the WHOSOEVER members have endured or are continuing to endure.

In October 2020, with WHOSOEVER being on the path to successful spiritual growth, Kingdom building and with it now being a 100% virtual ministry hosting over 1000 members, Pastor D felt led to accept a call to become the new Pastor of St. James United Church of Christ in Havertown, Pennsylvania. As Pastor D fulfills her call to lead and Pastor St. James, WHOSOEVER is now being led by other capable ministers who understand the true purpose and vision of WHOSOEVER, which now reaches people all over the globe.
Before leaving Kansas City, Pastor D was also the first same-gender loving woman of color to host the “Pastor’s Perspective” on a local radio station. While Pastor D’s journey is full of “first(s)” and “only(s)” her humble spirit does not remind her of all that she has done or accomplished so that she continues to give ALL the Honor and Glory to her Creator God.

Pastor D thoroughly enjoys her ministry time and experience with St. James UCC. She is excited about what God has called her to do with and for St. James as they move toward a 5-year plan to enrich the life of the church and bring more souls to Christ. Pastor D knows that God will lead and guide her in the call to St. James and looks forward to all that God has in store for this great church.

Pastor D is married to LeAundra Stewart-Boyice, whom she met in Kindergarten over 45 years ago. She loves to travel, take cruises, road trips and her pet turtle “Tebo” and her rescue kitten “Symbah”. Pastor D is the oldest of three girls and loves her time with her three nieces and three nephews. In her rare spare time, Pastor D loves landscaping, decorating and enjoying time with family and friends. Pastor D coined the phrase “God Did Not Create You To Hate You” which is the belief that Pastor D clings to in this world of exclusion and exception. John 3:16 is one of her favorite scriptures simply because she is a strong believer that God sent Jesus to the Cross for ALL of God’s people…WHOSOEVER THEY ARE.

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