September 10 - "Through the Day:  Celebrating God's Presence in Each Moment" (Psalm 113, Matthew 6:11)

From the rising of the sun and all throughout our every 24 hours, God is with us.  What if we saw our waking, the rituals of our getting up and getting out, the rhythms of our work, play and fest, as rife with blessing?  We are introduced this week to an ancient spirituality where the spirit of Christ resides all around us.

September 17 - "Holy Moments: Celebrating the Gifts of Life" (Psalm 148, Luke 12:27) Mission Trip Milestone

One of the ways we notice the blessings of our lives is to simply delight in the “small things.”  Everyday objects from our coffee cups to our pets and everyday activities like washing dishes or taking off our shoes can become occasions of blessing.  Moving through our day with the mantra “Bless to me my ____” as a Celtic practice that slows us down and hoes us in on the beauty of the gifts of life.

September 24  "Seasons: Journeying through the Year" (Psalm 104, Ecclesiastes 3:1-18) - Guest Preacher, Meagan McLeod

The cycle of a year brings with it many kinds of journeys.  Peaks and valleys are part of life.  Repetitive cycles of nature, family, and community traditions mark the journey with anticipation and memory.  This week we will reflect on how blessing shows up in a myriad of ways over time and we contemplate the importance of the rhythms of life.

October 1 - "Passages: Special Moments"  Psalm 42:1-8, (Luke 1:57-80), Holy Communion

Rites of passage come in many forms and are sacred thresholds into a new and uncharted territory.  These special, sometimes once-in-a-lifetimes moments, when surrounded in words and acts of blessing, provide us with courage and assurance that we are not alone and that our next steps are anointed and held by God.

October 8 - "Heart Prayers: Blessing the World"  (Psalm 103:1-18, Matthew 5:1-12)

Knowing the richness of blessing, we cannot help but hear God’s invitation to extend our sense of blessing to God’s beloved world and its peoples.  As a result, we affirm that we are but a part of God’s tapestry of humanity and this beloved home, earth.  The language of blessing connects us heart to heart.

October 15 - "The Struggling Times: Facing Illness, Loss and Grief"( Psalm 31, 2 Corinthians 4:8-10) Guest Preacher, Meagan McLeod

Too often we consider “blessings” to be just those things that feel “good” to us.  And yet, the Celtic tradition extends blessing to especially times of loss.  What blessing might we find in those circumstances - not in spite of those circumstances but perhaps because of them?  Blessing does not deny sorrow but deepens and moves us through it.

October 22 - "God Is In: Celebrating Presence" (Psalm 139, Romans 4)

We wrap up our series celebrating our heightened sense of God’s presence in all things, in all people, in all times.  We will join our voices together in an impromptu litany of “God is in ____” and reflect on what it has meant to live our lives in blessedness.

Open & Affirming

In February 2014, the congregation at St. James voted unanimously to become an Open and Affirming Congregation.  The St. James ONA Statement begins:  

The people of St. James United Church of Christ in Havertown, Pennsylvania, affirm our belief that every person has dignity and worth and is a beloved child of God..... We welcome all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and condemn all acts of violence and discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation or gender identification... (click here to read our entire statement) 


 Current Worship Series:

Sundays, September 10 - October 29, 2017

"Bless to Me"


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Open & Affirming Congregation

"I will bless the Lord, at all times; God's praise will always be in my mouth." (Psalm 34:1)

Sunday worship service is at 10:30 am. All are welcome.

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  God's and Our Vision:  New Adventures (2017-2020)

  St. James will be offering 

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  families affected by addiction,
  those who will benefit from pet therapy,

  and the LGBT community.

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