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December 31  - "Flip the Switch" (Isaiah 60:1-6)
We will look at spiritual practices to get us out of the mid-winter blues and into the light of our lives. 
We will see how experiencing the everyday activities of our lives as blessing -as filled with God’s offer of radiance  - can offer us chance to be filled with the Light in whom we believe. 
This first week we affirm that the very act of “arising” each day is a gift from God.

January 7 - "Soothe a Savage" (Psalm 40:1-11), Holy Communion
Music is known to have a powerful affect on our moods with its ability to literally “move” us.
The Psalmist proclaims that God can give us a new song, bringing us out of a “miry bog.”
This week we remember that attention to our music “playlists” can offer us a transformative daily spiritual practice.

January 14 - "Lighten Up" (Isaiah 9:1-4) Ordination and Installation of Deacons and Elders
Life can be serious business.  Certainly watching the daily news can give the impression that there is little good to find in the world.
This week we choose to lighten up - to “spin” life in a little different way as we look for the delight and especially, humor in life.
Perhaps laughter is the best medicine. 
This week, you are encouraged to recall funny memories over a shared meal, or enjoy a comedy film as an outing or at home.

January 21 - "Make My Day" (Micah 6:1-8)
The prophet Micah offered up a vision for life lived from a different perspective.
Rather than see doing good as “obligatory sacrifice",” he said that when we live our lives with a love for kindness for all God’s people,
we are fulfilling God’s desire to spread justice and love throughout the land. 
This week, what if we lived each day on the lookout for ways to make someone’s day through a kind and unexpected gesture?
It might make our day as well!

January 28 - "Altar, Altars Everywhere" (Psalm 112:1-9)
Where do you think God’s “dwelling place” is?
Instead of thinking that finding God requires us to go to a designated place like our church,
what if we created spaces that reminded us of the sacred wherever we are?
This week you are invited to create an “altar” in your home that can remind you that God dwells in all places.

February 4 - "Walk This Way" (Psalm 119:1-8), Holy Communion
Stretching, walking and dancing can send feel-good endorphins coursing through us and the change can feel like a light coming on. 
The Hebrew authors of our scriptures used the metaphor of “walking” in God’s ways to help us see the benefits to our spiritual lives of moving toward the goodness of God. 
This week our spiritual practice will help ua see our walking (or any kind of movement) as a blessed gift of God’s love in action in the world!

February 11 - "Leave Room for Dessert" (Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18)
Gleaning is the practice of gathering food for those who need it out of the abundance of what is available.
What awareness can we bring to the food we buy, cook and throw away as part of our spiritual mandate to care for the human family?
Whether it is cooking more than enough and sharing with someone who needs it,
buying extra at the grocery store to donate to the food pantry, or getting involved in a gleaning network’s efforts, our every use of food is our spiritual practice this week.


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Open & Affirming Congregation

Open & Affirming

In February 2014, the congregation at St. James voted unanimously to become an Open and Affirming Congregation.  The St. James ONA Statement begins:  

The people of St. James United Church of Christ in Havertown, Pennsylvania, affirm our belief that every person has dignity and worth and is a beloved child of God..... We welcome all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and condemn all acts of violence and discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation or gender identification... (click here to read our entire statement) 


  God's and Our Vision:  New Adventures (2017-2020)

  St. James will be offering 

  new initiatives, activities, events and programs for:
  people with cancer,
  families affected by addiction,
  those who will benefit from pet therapy,

  and the LGBT community.

  Click here for more information.

"Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you." Isaiah 60

Winter can be a time of Seasonal Affective Disorder when the lack of sunlight affects our moods and ability to cope effectively.  But Spiritual Affective Disorder can also be a factor as we lead lives that are too crowded, busy, overcommitted, sometimes disturbing and uncertain.  At the turn of this new year, we will explore everyday life activities that can become spiritual practices - deepening our experience of a meaningful life and  make us more "light-hearted."

Weekly Spiritual Practice - handout for seven weeks

Sunday worship service is at 10:30 am. All are welcome.

 Current Worship Series:

Sundays, December 31 - February 11, 2018

"SAD: Spiritual Affective Disorder"

​As an inclusive community of love and support, 
St. James United Church of Christ is a spiritual home for all people
to grow in faith and come together in service

Havertown, PA